Shipping to the UK ONLY!!!

Shipping only to the Uk to try and reduce our carbon footprint, along with packaging all of our items using 100% recycled packaging. 

All plants are shipped via Hermes Postage service.

Standard shipping is 3-5 days

Fast-Track Postage is within 58 hours (please note this is an optional add on).

All Seed Mixes will be posted via Royal Mail 1st Class envelopes, please note these items cannot be tracked via any codes. 

Standard delivery 2-4 days. 


If your item is damaged please let us know with the attached images and we will sort out alternative solutions.


We do not accept returns unless the item is severely damaged or faulty in any way and the final decision as to return options is decided by No Plant Left Behind staff. This is because plants do not enjoy travelling via the post and we do not wish to damage our plants further.  Pots and other items are non-returnable unless damaged (provide images). 


Payment may take place via credit/debit cards or Paypal.

We ensure that each transition is secure as part of our WIX website contract.

Please note we provide discounts and deals for members and plant subscriptions.

All plant subscriptions will be taken out of any bank account automatically unless cancelled (which is possible at any time).