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Growing Plant


Do you have too many plants to know what to do with?

Have you got too carried away with all of your cuttings this year?

Why not donate your plants to No Plant Left Behind, we will grow them and then sell them on to someone who is desperate for that plant.

Our hole idea is to reduce the plant industries waste in every way we can, this includes every individual person if you want to get involved with the sustainable drive contact us now and receive 10% of all of our items when you donate. 

Every plant makes a difference to our and your zero waste drive. 

We love donations of Plants, Cuttings, Avacado Seeds, Old pots and general gardening things!!! Get in contact now if you wish to donate

Do you want to become part of a sustainable movement?

Sign up as a member of No Plant left Behind for free and receive: 

  1. Members-only discounts.

  2. Sales updates before the official release

  3. Tips and Tricks for being a more sustainable grower.

  4. FREE trial products before the official launch.

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Volunteer Community

Want to volunteer with like-minded people in your area. 

We Set up volunteer groups working on No Plant Left Behind's Behalf all around the UK

This is the perfect opportunity to make a new friend!!

Each group can change the desired day to volunteer based on their preferences. 

Kick that New Year resolution of being more sustainable into action!!

Winning FREE Plants as a thank you from No Plant Left Behind!!!

How does it work?

Please message via our website or Instagram expressing your interest we will then add you to a local chat with other volunteers.

We post volunteer opportunities in your area and in return ask for the hours you have volunteered as a group and a lovely photo of you and your new friends in action!!!

We add up each groups total hours volunteered and the most hours volunteered per person wins a voucher to spend on our website FREE plants. 

We do priorities environmental led volunteer opportunities but do also provide information for other volunteer opportunities depending on each groups intrests.

No upcoming events at the moment